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We are a distinguished Winker Lights Manufacturer and supplier, offering solar marine lights.

The whole design available with us has been made to fulfill the requirements of SBM's flexible hose's nighttime navigational guard/marker. We also deliver various types of solar powered navigational aids for offshore oil industry as well as for the port authorities and terminal operators. We have also kept provisions for glass cage/guard, which protect the glass from any collision impact. The main body of the unit is fitted with marine grade retro reflective tape so incase unit is not operative in that case this reflective tape helps to identify itself by incoming ship/tanker/tug/boat's lights.


  • Winker Lights for SBM Hose strings
  • Leading Lights Marine Navigational LED Lights

Winker Light(Floating Hose String of SBM)

Winker Light(Floating Hose String of SBM)
Product: Winkerlight for Flexible Hoses (SBM)

Model: Flexiguard

Height: 133cms.

Weight: 15 Kg Approx

Lens-Glass Colour: White, Blue, Green, Yellow and Red (as per Customer’s Choice)

Visibility: 360’ Degrees

Range: 2.5 Nautical Miles

Flashing Rate: User Programmable 200 Iala Marine Flashing Codes

Operative Period: Auto Starts At Sunset Hours and Auto Stops At Sunrise Hours It also Starts During Foggy Weather and in Poor Visibility

Light Source: 6 Ultra High Intensity Led's

Glass Colour: Transperent White

Light Output: @ 9º Angle of Divergence

Green - 8.3cd(candela)
White - 8.3cd
Red - 5cd
Yelllow - 4cd
Blue - 8.3cd

[1]With Retro Reflective Tapes On the Main Body At Three Places

[2]Base Plate Where the Light Lens is Installed is of Stain Less Steel GR 316

[3]Saftey Cage Guard for the Lens of Stain Less Steel of 20 MM Thickness

[4]Flange Holding Screws of LN Type

By Above New Added Features Ensures Increase in the Life of the Main Body.
  • Current Draw Day Time: Nil
  • 10% Duty Cycle: 10ma (max Power Setting)
  • Lamp (Led) Life: Excess of 100,000 Hrs.
  • Solar Module: 1watt 2 Volt Sealed Inside Lens Unit with Charge Controller
  • Flash Codes: 250 International Codes Adjustable Via Two Rotary Switches
  • Pulse Adjustment: Via 2 Dip Switches�
  • Unit Has Been Designed to Fit On the Top of the Flexible Hose of 24 Inches Dia or as per Order.
  • Whole Unit Has Been Designed as Water Resistive and Coated with Marine Grade Paint
  • Unit is Inrisically Safe to Operate in the Hydro- Carbon Content Atmosphere as all Electrical Parts are Sealed Inside polycarbonate Sterene Glass Material Which Helps to Increase Light Transperency also Ribs On the Glass Helps to Amplify the Different Viewing Angles

    specifications are Subject to Change Without Notice for Quality Improvement.

    customers are Requested to Give Their Drawings of the Flexible Hoses Flange with the Nuts and Bolts Sizes to Precisly Design the Mounting Base.
    any More Suggestion from Customer for Product Modifications/improvement is the Most Welcome. Commercial Details Name of Product :- Winker Light for Flexible Hoses of SBM Model :- Flexiguard Delivery :- Within 20 Days After Confirmed Order Payment :- By Cheque, On the Name “ Networks United”. 100% Payment to Be Made Within 30 Days After Delivery

    This Lights are Mounted On Top of the Mounting Assembly On the Sbm’s Flexible Hoses.

    Winker Lights(Floating Hose)

    Winker Lights(Floating Hose)
    Close View of Winker Light On Floating Hose

    Floating Hoses

    Floating Hoses
    Winker Lights Floating Hoses

    Installation Work in Progress

    Installation Work in Progress
    Winker Lights Installation Work in Progress


    Winker Sealights

    Winker Light

    Winker Light
    Winker Lights

    Winker Light(Sea On Floating Hose)

    Winker Light(Sea On Floating Hose)
    Winker Light At Sea On Floating Hose

    Winker Lights(At Sea On Floating Hose)

    Winker Lights(At Sea On Floating Hose)
    Winker Light At Sea On Floating Hose

    Winker Light (For SBM)

    Winker Light (For SBM)

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